Tuesday, 5 August 2008

So more about my super-fantastic day

Today was a good and a bad day. But I guess aren't all days like that? 

But today was one of those GOOD and BAD days. With capitals. And exclamation points.


- An agent I NEVER would have anticipated being interested in Ike...like an agent that doesn't even rep MG, an agent that is super-fantabulous and amazing and has like two blogs and is a god amongst agents...but I queried because she herself said to query widely...wrote me back. I opened her email thinking, eh, another no. What did I see?

"I like this. Can you send me the next 20 pages?"

Why SURE I can! After I finished hyperventilating and having a mini-meltdown, I sent them over formatted to her requirements. Even if nothing else comes of this, it was a super thrill and I'm-agonna keep her email. For those just all bad days.

- I got the big plot worked out on the next book! Because I promised the hubs, I won't start it for another two-three weeks, but its another book in the series (but standalone naturally)...tentative series name is:

I, Farmgirl. 

Tentative name for new book is "Amigo Fall"

You like? 

This one deals with illegal immigration, stockyards, a pregnancy and a blue-roan appaloosa named Dusty. (Shout OUT to Heidi TH!)

The BAD news? Nothing to do with the query process...just some bad medical news. Par for the course, I guess. I'm going to have to try and get that part of my life up to as good as it can be. I just don't know how to do it. 

Maybe I'll set it up and plan it like a plot. 


Heidi the Hick said...

Gah, not bed medical news? Like, bad BAD or disappointing bad? yeesh....


Print out that "send more pages" email and keep it with you at all times!!!!!!

I think I know who it is and she's on my list!!!!!

Oh man, I love "I, Farmgirl" and I love the blue roan appy and it's all good!!!!

Heidi said...

Great post! Great news! You'll have to email me who it is (I think I know, but am very unsure... and curious!).

Love the series idea, and the new book. In a year you may have ten books published!

So sorry about the medical...how very crushing. But hopefully this GREAT news helps balance the disappointment (and not the other way around!). Planning can work. It's just not as fun!

AZ said...

Adulations for the good news, but what kind of bad medical news?