Thursday, 21 August 2008

T-shirt Thursday

Mood: HIGH ;)
Status: Editing, reading and thinking

My hubs sent me the links to these t-shirts today. They are either really really funny or I am seriously lacking sleep. hehe All are courtesy of ThinkGeek, a great website. 

I thought you all might get a kick out of them, depending on your wacked-out sense of humor and/or level of sleeplessness. ;)

Suitable for all my wimmen on the go, giving notice to the world. 
I will have dis tee...oh yes. I am a huge BSG fan! (You want storyline and it)
Dead lolcatz (DO NOT WANT!)
Some misguided people do not like the lolcatz. Dey kan haz de krazee.

for those query days...

You know you want it.

and just because it's random and my brain is fried...

because evidently they look up your dress on japanese subways

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