Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Uplifting discouragement?

Or how to take the good out of a bad thing.

You get a lot of discouragement in this business, and you get better at brushing it off. But every once in awhile one gets you that you never expected, a loss you can feel so keenly that your heart breaks a little every time you think about it. You can feel the rip and tear deep down.

And you know, they say never to talk about this on the blog because you never know who visits and you don't want any agent to know you were rejected. But guess what. Everyone gets rejected. At least one time. So phooey on that particular rule today.

I had that particular shooting pain happen yesterday. Is it possible to have a brilliant, uplifting – rejection? I never thought it, but it's so. Evidently there are also pink elephants in Borneo.

But that's the uplifting bit, you see. Not the pink elephants...Yes, it was a rejection. But an honest rejection. And yes, it rips my heart, worse than anything. But she gave me so much back that I could change; so much … encouragement, that I was a good writer, my emotions in there could be felt, so much … love and care for my P and her story that how could I be anything but inspired?

If this is what it's like to have an agent, this constructive feedback, this brilliant advice, then h*lls bells (to use a P saying) this whole thing is worth it in spades.

So if you're down too, don't despair. There's always a silver lining.

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Heidi said...

I'm late to this post.

It's funny how one black cloud does always have it's silver lining, eh?

Here come the sun again....