Friday, 19 September 2008

Cue Manaical Laughter Here



I have FIVE chapters of the original book left to do. Of course, these are the rewrite chapters. 


But that's okay. I only have about 10-15K left to do. I can do this. 

But guess what  - I'll do it on Monday. That's right, this weekend the hubs is whisking me away for a romantic weekend in the nearby mountains. 

Can I get an AWW.


Heidi said...


And yay for you! I hope those five chapters go quickly. I'm looking forward to reading them.

The last part of SKoN is really different now, I think. It took a lot of hours, but I think it's so much stronger. Parts of it, anyway.The rewriting was so worth it!

Go have an awesome weekend away. You totally deserve it!

cindy said...

enjoy your romangical weekend! and rock the revision like i know you will. =) /bootay shake!

Kerri said...

We have mountains?