Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I'm sorry.

I feel like all the love I've been giving lately is cotton-candy style. You know, pics of the boyz (which I'm SURE you don't mind), pics of Germany, pics...of horsies...I am a slacker. 

But I have a good reason...I'm rewriting, you see, and want to make sure the thing is good. Thus most or all of my brain power is going into that.

And the day job is whole lotsa stressful right now. So there's just not much left really.

It will all settle down, but what with Mercury going retrograde I expect lots of miscommunication, so I'm just writing to say....I lubs u for reading mah blog. Hearts and kisses. Or as Nathan says, rainbows and puppies.

And as soon as I'm happy (i.e. done) with my rewrites I'll get back to super pithy thoughts.



Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah... me too!

JKB said...


Heidi said...

i could cut and paste this on my blog!

Too much to do...

The writing's gotta come first...

JKB said...

LOL! Heidi, don't you hate it? (But not really)

Just have to get to the point where the baby is in submission, and THEN the REAL fun starts.