Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Indian in the Cupboard is a SERIES!

Erm, so I'm out of it. *blushes*

Guess what I found? There was a book I got when I was 8 years old at the book fair. 

Ah, the book fair. I loved the book fair. Loved loved loved it. 

They would send us home two or three weeks before, clutching to our hearts a book catalog and an order form. We'd actually got to see the books on offer in the cafeteria, which I adored. They smelled soooo good. 

After you'd order you'd sit on tenterhooks and wait until your order came. 

Anyways, somehow this year I'd managed to bully my mother into getting me a book. (This was not a common occurrence) And it was the Indian in the cupboard. I was such a sucker for anything western back them. (HMMM) It had such a cool fantasy element to it, and so much interesting detail that I was sucked in. In the days after I read it (finished it up late at night with my dad's flashlight under the covers, oh yes) I re-re-re-read it. 

Now I find that it is a SERIES

I don't know if the coolness of this statement is of significance to you, but OMG, it so is. 

Next month, you know what I'm getting? As many of them as I can! (hunney....) It's all in the name of research, baby!

Such a great thing. A series. How cool. 


Heidi the Hick said...

I knew there was a sequel but I didn't know there were five of them!!

Heidi said...

My kids JUST came home with that book fair catalog yesterday!! How totally cool is the timing of this post??? We always make a day to go in to the school and look at the books and I love that my kids have the same love I do of that.

Totally cool that it's a series! I didn't know that either! Isn't it fun being a MG/YA writer? Then you can buy and read all the really fun books and call it research!

JKB said...

HTH I had no idea and I felt so stupid. I will be remedying this lack of ITC material at the earliest possible moment.

Heidi, that is awesome. LOL! I loved book fairs. I do love this part almost most of all!