Sunday, 14 September 2008

Just so I don't leave the boy dogs out...

Azawakh owners (most of them) in Germany are really into coursing. Lure coursing is basically where you use the deep hunting instinct of the Azis to have them chase a plastic bag around a field. It sounds cooler than it is. 

Anyways, the Old Dog (Remy) was never one to be the hunting type. His thing is more...the bed. Covered. Or the sofa, if everything else fails. He does *not* like to get wet.

He was bred three times before we chopped his cajones off...once in the US, once in France, and once in Germany. (The first time we couldn't get him to do it until we physically put the girl dog up on the sofa, averted our eyes, and turned on Barry Manilow. True story)

These two lovely ladies are two girl pups from his Germany litter. He bred Habashat n' shat-ehad (his registered name is Idi Issa n' shat-ehad) and had these two grrls as well as three boys. And these grrls just love the lure. 

As evinced by their excellent placement. First and third. Rem still shakes his head in disbelief.

Mandara is on the left, and Manani on the right. (That middle dog is somebody else). 

Aren't they lovely? I think so.

It's nice to know that he'll live on. 


Heidi said...

beautiful dogs! there must be some great genes there!

JKB said...

There are!

Thanks for the wonderful words about them! :)

pseudosu said...

"Barry Manilow and averted eyes"
They are nice.