Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ode to my show, and other thoughts

I know I might have mentioned it before, but I am a Battlestar Galactica fan. 


A pretty intense fan. Actually, it's the only television I watch.  And I do mean the only.

And really, BSG is an excellent show to watch for SO MANY REASONS. Plot. It's really got good ... plot.

It tells you a lot about the writing and revising process, which is what I'll go into today. 

You have to be strong when you query, as strong as titanium metal...

You need to be determined that you're going to make it, whatever it takes...

MMM, determined. (My hubs is a hawter version of Helo there.)

You have to gently review certain aspects of your manuscript, pensively thinking in a corner...

Heh heh, thinking. 

You need to look at it with a guarded eye, looking at the results and comparing them to what came before...
Even if you're a CYLON!

Sometimes you discover your little book is best as a series, and then you plan and create the plot/outline/idea for the sequel...(but somehow the first book is always the best!)

Although the second book ain't half bad, if you know what I'm saying.

Then you get your awesome critique group in on the action, and fun ensues.

But it's all real life in the end, honesty. And the world is better for it.

It's all about the plot, folks. THE PLOT. 


Of course.


Heidi the Hick said...

1) share picture of Hubs, maybe? Please?

2) Great group shot there- nice homage to The Last Supper!!

TigerYogiji said...

It still can't hold a candle to Doctor Who! ;P

JenWriter said...

I LOVE that show! It's right up there in my Top 5 faves ever. I am a Starbuck fan. I lurve her.

Heidi said...

With all these great movie star photos, I thought I'd stumbled onto Heidi th's blog! :)

And in that critique group, I'm the girl in red, right? I mean, I've got the blond hair and all!

JKB said...

HeidiTH, I'll put one up on our group page. He's blond, and a stunner. ;)

TY dahling, have you SEEN the beefcake in that show? I am afraid, comparatively speaking, Dr Who is Dr. Whut?? LOL

JW, I like Starbuck too. She is such a crusty thing...I don't suppose you could tell me what happened in season 4??

And Heidi, of course you can be number 6. I'll be Starbuck then, she's a badass. LOL!!

JenWriter said...

But I wanna be Starbuck. :(

JKB said...

All right Jen, you can be starbuck. ROFL

I'll ah, be ... hm, I'l have to think aboot that. I know: