Monday, 22 September 2008

Old Stones

Walking past this all day made me embarrassed for my slight, gimpy looking window-boxes. I have to fix those next year. (This house was built in 1699, sob.)

Nifty little shop in Ahrweiler. You can't see them but the three buttresses are hoomans, like along the lines of pirate ship women at the prow. I amused myself thinking they were spitting their invisible pirate ship woman prow spit at the mangle of tourists gawking at them below. (But not me, I was upwind).

MMM Wine. It's a big wine region and the Pfederweisser (just created fermented like a very sweet wine, almost like ice wine) was just out and everywhere they were hawking it alongside a nice piece of zweibelkuchen (onion cake). It sounds random but I make awesome zweibelkuchen and I will make you some when you come visit. (as long as it's the fall.)

You know, the vast majority of Germans I know could care less about old stones. Alte Steine, they call them, with a raised lip just short of a sneer. 

But COME ON! Anno 1248?? HOW MANY YEARS before my country was even founded? It gives me a headache to think.

I hung out with a building fairy, which was cool, and took her picture. Although she turned into bronze for it. (she was shy)

This is the church we stayed right next to; I was amusing myself the evening we arrived by dancing around in the darkness and making scary noises and thoroughly freaked myself out..."There's something ALIBE in der!!" But no. In the light of day it looks harmless, but rather freaky...

MMMM forest. 
Masks on a fountain in Aachen...I must say that Aachen wins the prize for coolest fountains evar. All the Japanese tourists were having a heyday.

I didn't get much done on the weekend. As you can see. Except for getting smashingly der-runk on wine and tequila Friday night, but let's not go into that, hey? My stomach still says Do Not Want.

On to writerly news: I've set myself a goal: DONE with revisions and normal shiz by 1 October! I can totally do this I think. 

And I had an AWESOME idea but it has to wait. There are others in front of it.

And that is all! :)


Heidi the Hick said...

I love Europe! I mean, I've only been to England and Wales, but it's so different from Canada and the US. I really gotta see Germany. I will gladly partake of any kind of kuchen you want to make!

So glad you lovebirds had a sweet weekend!!!

Heidi said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend! It makes me homesick for Germany. I can't believe it's two years until I get to go back! It is so gorgeous!

Every time I'm in Europe I can't get over the oldness of everything. Here, something is old if it was built in the 1970s. And truly, if it was built then it needs to be torn down anyway!

Good luck on your rewrites!If you think about how long it took from beginning to end, and getting an agent in between, it's such a short time!!

Kerri said...

Absolutely stunning...old stones, fairies, cobblestoned streets, forests- everything I love about living here. I'm glad you had fun.

JKB said...

It's so depressing sometimes, srsly, to see how old the places around here are. Meh.

HTH, you would love it. Just let me know when you're coming and you've got a place to stay....and Heidi, you know you're expected to hang out a day with me, right?

You're right about the rewrites, although I'd really want to have them FINISHED NOW. LOL

JKB said...

I thought you'd like the fairy, Ker.