Monday, 1 September 2008

Revising ----


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I can't complain and won't. But you know? Revising is bloddy hard work. 

It's exciting to see the book change and morph into something even cooler - if it's possible - than what it was before. But so many questions remain! 

It's like you go to the hairdresser, right? You get your hair cut in the style you want. You're happy. You then have it fixed by said hairdresser, and they always get it slightly wrong. But you're still happy with it. Then you go home and wash your hair to get all the style gel out of it and redo it your way. Then you tweak a hair there, brush out and retry another section. After all of it, you hairspray that baby into a shellack helmet of epidemic proportions. 

Then you go outside and it gets all messed up again. Then you fix it. 

It's never really fixed, the book, really. There will probably always be things to change. But this is making it so much better I dance around. (when I'm not pulling my hair out in frustration with myself.) 

So it is hard, but worth it. Fun. 

But exhausting.


Heidi the Hick said...

Doesn't it frickin drive you nuts?????!!!!!!!!

I love-hate editing. I love that I have the skills to improve my writing but that fear of never finishing it is always there! I think about five months ago i said, THAT'S IT I'M NOT CHANGING ANOTHER WORD TIL THE EDITOR FOR THE PUBLISHER ASKS ME TO

...and yet I'm still tweaking words.

My hair, however, looks like crap. And I only get it cut once a year. Hmm. Things are really out of balance eh?

Heidi said...

In a poetry class I took many, many years ago, the prof said, "A poem is never done. Only abandoned."

Fiction is that way too. As long as it's making it better, all that editing can be exciting. It's when it starts to feel like you are just changing things for the sake of changing that it becomes frustrating.

I'm not at your place yet, but I can understand some of your frustration. I've read your chapters. I can't even tell you what to change anymore.

I am following you, though, anxious to see how this side of the process, and hope I am there myself soon!