Wednesday, 10 September 2008

(Snoopy) (Snoopy) (Snoopy)

If you have icons, you know what that means. It's a dancing snoopy.

Why would I have a dancing Snoopy on my blog title, you ask? 

Because I'm HALF done with revisions as of this morning!

Yes, I'm excited too. 

I will have to go through and give it some one overs, but it's looking pretty darn good. Word count has kind of exploded, though - from 40 k to 50 k - but that is okay, so that's how I'm rollin' baby.

Okay, now off for another round o'edits. 


Heidi said...

10k added?? You're doing some major writing too!

How often do you keep in contact with AE? Do you email whenever you have a question or concern?

Can't wait to read your book! The whole thing, I mean... not just in bits and pieces!

JKB said...

I am really excited to see your reaction, as well as the kids! I am on tenterhooks...

I email when I have a question, but otherwise we go along with our days...I am sure that will change once she gets the first rewrite, and I'm okay with that.

I just sent her some chocolate (you too!) so I reckon next week or so I'll hear from her. LOL

How are your edits coming along?