Thursday, 4 September 2008

Well Frak me

Mood: coming along
Status: revising

I don't think I'm being smart with Possum Summer revisions (always previously here known as Ike for short.)

I ought to set myself a couple realistic goals, and keep track of myself here. I'm to chapter 13 right now, but now I enter heavy revising territory, and the relatively speedyness of revising will grind to a halt. 

So, to start off (and I think Thursdays will be the day for this, because we all know LOLCAT Freidayz are out):


(Including non writing in order to make hubs happy) 
  • To get, at the least, THREE chapters revised by next Thursday. This means revised on the train and updated in the master program.
  • Find two extremely helpful marketing articles/blog entries/publicity releases on how to market your book and/or make a name for yourself and either blog about these or create a folder on Gunther where I keep track of them. Would you all like to see them as well? If so, I'll post them as entries on the blog 
  • Find and comment on one new (writer/publicity/marketing) blog
  • Make a list of my beta readers for the new, improved Ike
  • Plan out a timeline for the revising remainder of the book and based off that, an estimated timeline for the beta readers reading it and my checklist at the end of all revisions/beta read corrections, so I can make a goal day of having Ike done.
Other non related writing ones?
  • To run three times for the amount of one hour each 
  • To practice my flute a total of one hour
  • Clean the house *snort*
I really believe that goals are the way to go. What are yours?


Heidi said...

I thought we were just visualizing! Now we've got to actually write them down??? Man, this dreaming/achieving thing is getting to be a lot of work!


Kelly Gay said...

Hiya! So thanks for visiting my blog (and taking a look at my Fantasy Debut post).

And MEGA congrats on the agent. Here's hoping it leads to great things! ;-)


P.S. I love horses, too. I used to work in the horse industry for many many years-- as a neo-natal nurse at a huge TB breeding farm. Delivering foals all summer . . . one of thee best jobs I've ever had! I had horses up until my kids came along. My last two were rescued from the race track and retrained to be hunter/jumpers/eventers.

JKB said...

Heidi - well yes, but I found I missed listing my goals. I, like you, like voila.

Kelly, Thanks for visiting my blog! I lurve lurve lurve horses...

...and thank you very much for the agent well wishes. :)