Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tagged! And I love my blog friends

So right now I'm attempting to write up my detailed synopsis for Book 2, Texas Fall, so that I can see any plot holes or issues *before* the first draft. 

And if you've read the post directly under this one, you'll realize P is giving me the major finger. LOLZ. 


So in the spirit of procrastination, I've been tagged by Jen and I'm going to do this meme instead. So there.

(sticks tongue out)

It random facts about me. 

1. When I was in third grade my teacher, Mrs. Kuhlman, commended me on my patience when waiting for her assistance gluing my pasta skeleton to a black piece of paper for art class. I have never been prouder of being patient in my life. 

2. When I was ten years old I went through an Indian phase in my riding career. I had a nasty appaloosa horse named Buffy and decided to ride her hanging off the side, like I was an indian...except I fell right off on my head when she ducked out on me and lay passed out for the afternoon. This might be an explanation for certain things... :)

3. I am stubborn. Stubborn. STUBBORN. Nothing is going to happen with me unless I decide it. I will fob you off, make excuses and downright tell you no to your face. I am stubborn.

4. I love to iron clothes, and use it to work out knotty plot points. 

5. Hallow's Eve and the Day of the Dead are my favorite holiday combination. 

6. I speak fluent German, general Spanish, French, smatterings of Arabic and mostly fluent English. :) I lose more of the English the longer I don't speak it as a primarily language.

7. I owned and showed the Number 1 Azawakh in the US for two years, and then we went to Europe and beat all the european dogs to Reserve Best in World. That was a time. 

Okay. I tag Heidi, Heidi, Brit and Kerri. You don't have to, and feel free to do it if you'd like!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

You are impressive!

I'm not surprised about the stubborn thing... I think that's why you are doing so well as a writer!

The language thing... well, colored me majorly impressed! I am awful with languages. just awful! I took seven years of Spanish and know enough to barely scrape by. I know a few words and phrases in German, enough to thoroughly embarrass myself. And pig latin. Except I don't speak it fluently.

Does that count towards my seven things??

:) I'll do this next week. Gives me the weekend to ruminate on qualities I can share!