Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Alter-ego ? Alter-ego .

The more I am in P's world the more I remember my own foible-ridden childhood, complete with humiliation after humiliation, pain, joy and growth. There's something about mining your own background for information to give a girl-child that is more stubborn than she has a right to be that brings out the funny in all of it that you cringe to remember, you know?

I am pretty convinced that P is my alter-ego...PC-ness hasn't tamped her down...the one that loves her animals and will always stay just the way I envision her...the girl that says it like she sees it and be damned to the consequences...so I'm just making it official here.

P, you're a wild ragged little thing. But I love ya. 

And yes, you are 'out'. 

P: Official Alter-Ego of JKB.

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