Sunday, 16 November 2008


Again, HA I say!

Why should you wonder? This weekend was 'preparing-the-Yule-decor-before-parents-come-from-America-to-visit.'

As some of you probably know, I'm a big fan of Jul (in fact, last year we went to a very good friend of mine's house ((of her mum and dad)) in Sweden and lived through New Years. I shall live in Sweden some day. I shall.) 

I have been preparing all my little Swedish decorations...the straw ornaments are up on the window, the felt snowflakes are hanging off the doors...the evergreen has to wait until next week and so do the lights outside, the stockings are hung and the "God Jul" sign is ordered from Sweden. 

What is left, my dear, dear readers? The dala, yes, but we don't think about those right now. 


So, armed with straw, string (only cotton should be used) a set of do's and don'ts, I started working on it today at 3. 

I just finished. 

But it looks pretty good for my first one! The front shoulder needs some work, and I need a bigger body and a wider cotton ribbon, but still - I'm pretty excited. Knowing that I can make one will help me win the argument for a bale of straw (Make one for me! Make one for the mumsy-in-law!) 

This is the first year that we have a 'real' home, and to have it all decorated how I likes it makes me a happy girl. 

Oh, here's a picture. 

Isn't it just grand?

Oh, and another reason I loves me some Twitter? I totally micro-blogged about the process! 

*Loves it*


Heidi said...

I saw this yesterday and tried to comment but there was no word verification word and it wouldn't let me publish!

This is awesome! You are so talented! How absolutely creative!

Having lived in Germany, my holidays growing up, even after we moved back to the states, were full of European traditions. I love them! I try to keep a few to pass down to my kids because they feel so rich. I've never made this before, though! Beautiful!

JKB said...



I really like it. It took a looong time but it was totally worth it!