Monday, 10 November 2008


I thought you guys might find the following links of use.


As I'd talked about before, I wanted to track down some publicity and marketing blogs, in order that I be up to date on as much as I could going in. The Swivet helped by writing a couple great articles on publicity, and Nathan had a guest blogger that also got some great information out there.


Another couple great publicity/marketing links:

The Book Publicity Blog

My Writing Mentor

The Marketing Mix


A lot of conversation has been blogged recently about expanding methods of communication between people, and I think that Twitter in particular is going to be very important for that. I have an account and I can see it being used later on as D. Peterfreund uses hers…fans follow her and she can update aspects of her book in the small (140 characters) entries you're allowed. I believe it will become more and more important as you go on. It's mini-blogging, anyway, and super fun to do. (IMO)


Now, the Myspace and Facebook stuff? Well…first Myspace was sooooo cool, and now Facebook. I want to be active and 'out there' but I do believe that my website, my blog and twitter should be a good enough way at the present time, seeing as I'm an agented writer but not a published one yet. I wonder about the efficacy of these social networking sites…I dunno, jury is still out.


I'll talk about the more 'technical' aspects of online once I get my hubs to review my blog entry…probably later this week. (Want to make sure I haven't forgotten anything!)


I would like to say that my interview with Kathi Appelt will be tomorrow. I am excited!


The Husband said...

Couple'a things

The Swivet post you link to contains an interview with John Hodgman who uses Twitter a lot to promote his book and himself ( Latley, he was on a book tour and he twittered all events and his comments on the events (Usually funny stuff for he is a comedian). In itself Hodgman is a good example on what twitter is good for: current, short updates on what you are doing now which add up to a sequence of notes about how your day went.

I guess for MySpace and Facebook it depends on who you actually want to reach. If the majority of these people is on one platform you would do yourself no favor in ignoring it. Facebook would probably be helpful when doing more than broadcasting your existence, such as creating groups of readers or something like that

The Husband

pseudosu said...

Thanks for this post. I'm un-agented (so far) but trying to get a handle on all this too. I just started "tweeting" too. I'm going to go there right now and find you to "follow". (wow, that sounded creepier than I meant it-- haha)

I was talking with another writing friend about the usefulness of all this, blogging etc, and she said if nothing else it's more writing, and she thinks it's helped me develop my voice. Like you said-- jury's still out.

pseudosu said...

ok- twitter's search is down and i have to run, but if you want you can find me I'll add you to my follows...
(i'm pseudosu on twitter too)

Heidi said...

It's great that you are thinking this far ahead, and planning for your big following! :)

I think of things like Facebook as being more private... there are a couple agents on them and they keep them very closed to friends and not hopeful authors. I think the blog is a good place to develop a public following. MySpace, too, works well, although in my experience there are a lot of weirdos on MySpace.

I have to look up that twittering thing. I just don't have much exciting to twitter about. :)

I can't wait for you interview, too. You are moving into the bigtime!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh my gosh, was that REALLY The Husband???? The tall blonde one????

He's purty smart.

I gotta confess: got a facebook thing, haven't looked at it in about 7 mnths. I don't like it. It's really busy to look at and full of time suck.

Myspace just looks messy.

I like blogs!

I'll probably have to look into other social networks later on (you know, for that imaginary fan base haha) but I'm thinking about setting up a page of some kind for the actual book itself. Any thoughts on that?

Kerri said...

The font is killing my eyes!

Kerri said...

I can't wait to read the interview tomorrow.

JKB said...

Hubs: Thanks for the link. I'm glad I turned you onto the Swivet, she is full of awesome.

Pseu, I looked for you too but the bloddy thing is down. How do we hook up? *sniffs*

HeidiTH, I know, I know. My hubs is finally commenting! He has blog envy. LOL!

Heidi, that's interesting about the facebook info. I don't think I'm feeling it yet. Maybe later when I'm super succesful and the world inhales lovingly at my name.


Ker, I think you'll like it. She said some cool things.