Thursday, 13 November 2008


Do you have it?

I'm up to 7k in Texas Fall, and pleasantly surprised what a difference it is, writing this book versus writing Possum Summer. For some reason, the revisions I made serve to set me one step ahead of where I was the last time I started a book. Could it be that I've actually become a better writer from it? That is so cool, to paraphrase Perry L Crandall. :) 

Plus, I also determine that I enjoy the first draft process, although people sitting by me don't.

Case in point: tonight I was riding the train home. I have a little way of doing things on the train...little OCD...I get my bags all situated, lumping my backpack on top of my knees. I have to sit by the window. I turn Gunther on *or wake him up, the dear* and position him on top of the backpack. 

Then I proceed to read the last two paragraphs, getting P back into my head. The little twit is out playing half the time. Then I stare, and type. Stare, you say? 

Stare. Stare at the people sitting in the train, stare at the outside, stare at the train door, stare stare stare. And people just cannot HANDLE it. *lol*

It does make me laugh. But somehow it feels very nice to sit and stare while I type it all out. Not worrying about how it looks or anything like that. Just typing. 

I gave P a bigger quandary tonight as well, which was satisfying. 

I didn't want her thinking she'd gotten off easy.


pseudosu said...

Have you gotten to that "down the rabbit hole" feeling yet-- where you're totally immersed?
That is the fix I'm constantly chasing.

Heidi said...

I always amazes me how uncomfortable people are with others who LOOK... at anything. Like we have to keep our eyes to ourselves or at the ground or something.

Good for P. I'm sure she's quite up to the challenge!

And good for you! 7K is great! Is it great to be writing again?

Kerri said...

I think it's cool that you freak people out, the world needs more people to embrance their inner freakiness.

Kerri said...

I always have typos on your blog. But, it is 12:44 AM, so I guess I'm forgiven.

JKB said...

Pseu - Nope, not yet. That is the problem with this 'other' book I have in my head, it's trying to muscle it's way between me and TF. *pouts*

Heidi - It is really nice to be writing but for this little FS problem I have. But as I sent an email to you, you know how I fixed it and YES it's good!

Kerri, you are forgiven. Lol!