Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Revision makes you FAT

Why? Take the following examples my dear, dear readers....

You get comments back from your beta readers and realize that it was simply not working? Chocolate. 

Because you get the revisions info from your revise and reward yourself with chocolate. (I'll have to let you know on this one. Heh heh)

Having a hard time getting through a scene? You EAT. (I deviated on this - I ate my awesum cinnamon rolls. Possibly worse than chocolate? My rear end will never, ever tell.) Depressed because your book stinks? FUD. Exhilarated at a full request? Or just got done with your book? Chocolate.

What's your favorite chocolate, since we're on the subject? Because I can rarely get it, my favorite is Hershey's chocolate with Almonds. 

I know, I'm in the land of chocolate, but sometimes you just want what you had when you're a kid. And I'm pretty convinced that Hershey's chocolate will be my revisions choc-o-choice for evermore.


Heidi the Hick said...

Sooo this means Agent E has been in regulr contact with you again! ANd you have your own editor! And you guys are all polishing that baby up!

No wonder you're eating so much chocolate.

Kerri said...

5 lbs, 5 incredibly difficult to shed pounds. And Thanksgiving is coming, then Christmas. Oh well, I'll just blame it on revisions and make it my New Year's resolution. That's allowed, right?

Heidi said...

Hmmm... when I was in college I used to consume entire packages of chocolate covered graham crackers when I had to write stories. Can't do that anymore! Popcorn, though... it's not as fun, but it lasts a long time and doesn't add too many pounds (or raise the blood sugar much!)

The entire writing process is about eating. Depression, celebration, writer's block....But look at where you are!! It's so worth it! I'm celebrating with you!

*Heading off to find where I stashed that last bar of german chocolate...*

pseudosu said...

You're back! Yay!
Sorry, i know I'm slow to the party but I've been welding my butt off.
Chocolate, so good.
When I lived in Montreal all we could get was Cadbury stuff. It had the NQR factor big time (not quite right)-- not the Hershey's of my childhood either.

Now I'm more of a Dove girl.

cindy said...

choccie! i love belgian and swiss! but you know i love pastries more. =)