Monday, 17 November 2008

A smarter way of working Interviews

I'm really, really interested in what makes people write…how they write…how they keep going…and what doesn't let them go. I recently interviewed Kathi Appelt, who is just made of pure awesome, and tried to get Sherman Alexie on (but he was chock full and no more time)…but the thing is, I discovered I really, really like interviewing people. Well, not people…authors.


And as we all know, authors are a different type of people.


Because they are quite busy and it's hard to get a word in, but I still do want to do it because of the sheer amount of information you can get out of a published writer, I am going to introduce a Monthly Featured Author Interview to the blog. I can't do more than 1 or 2 in a month anyways, what with the preparation (cyber-stalking to get all interviews they've done before, re-reading their book, checking out everything) and I feel like it's only fair to really give them all I've got for a proper nuts and bolts interview.


Right now, I'm going to stick with children/MG authors, just because a) they're my homies and b) it's a darn hard genre to write because kids don't need no bull, sparky.


But perhaps I need to find a cooler term for my interview than Featured Author Interview. That is random.


So I'm pleased to say that Danette Haworth will be my Featured Author Interview for December! I'm excited!


ETA: On Wednesday we're going to have a guest blogger here on Tell it…a friend in my critique group has written a fantastic essay on Barack Obama and literature/learning, and it's my pleasure to bring her into the blog and post her essay. We're hoping to get some good back and forth going, whatever your position: Republican, Democrat, Orange, Whig, you name it, we welcome you. So come by on Wednesday and let's get a conversation started!

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