Thursday, 6 November 2008

So is it just me?

I like to compartmentalize things. 

A - lot. 

I've found, for my last couple books, I can boil everything down in the book to one word. That word, for me, describes my book and all the pain/joy/sadness/exhilaration involved in it. 

Possum Summer?  ------ Determination.

I realized today that Texas Fall's word will be ..... 


And I'm going to have a bittersweet ending, which I seem to gravitate to. 

And that, for me, I love to write because I explore Bravery. Courage. That is why I write, and I am loving that I can put it into words. 


pseudosu said...

No, it's not just you.
Yesterday I decided one thing I really like to explore is the paradoxical nature of people.

I cant' wait to get back to writing.
Soon. Very soon.

pseudosu said...

Finally added you to my bloglist BTW.
Glad your back.

Robert Lau said...

...Hmmm....Thought Provoking!!!

..perhaps it is just me...


Robert Lau.

Heidi said...

Gosh, and people complain about having to boil down their book into a two page synopsis or a one paragraph pitch! You really are the queen of condensing!

I love those words, though. I think I have to write to discover what one word would come.

JKB said...

Pseudosu - hi! I can't get your feed to show up on my can I fix that, do you know?

Robert - welcome to the blog!

Heidi - I love short and sweet. pity I'm 6'!!!

Amy MacKinnon said...

Oooh, what a great epiphany. I'm terribly intrigued now.

JKB said...


*falls down and twitches*

Thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVED Tethered!

*Am so stoked*

pseudosu said...

Crap-- no, I'm not even computer savvy enough to know what googlebitz are...


The link on your list works...and thanks for that BTW.