Wednesday, 26 November 2008

WHAT do you do on VACATION?



As my hubs (link) has said, my mother and her husband will be coming to Germany for the first time since I've been here. Almost – dare I say it – the only time she's ever been out of the US?


Now, this is a shocker to me when I actually thought about it. I mean, it's just second nature to me, but I always had the wanderlust. Canada: Check, eh. Mexico: Check. Oz: Checkmate. Europe: getting all the checks I want in. So it's just bizarre to think that the woman that bore me has never been anywhere outside the US.


But I digress.


What in the Green Gills of a Little Fishy am I going to do on vacation, without a computer on me all day? I mean, come ON:


I have two books going on, likely to have revisions on PS and holy cow there's email and my BLOGS to check on and how about updates for this monster blog I'm creating? (OK, this is my only easy feeling: I can set up posts on schedule to post while I'm away, just so you don't miss me. Which I'll do.)


At first the hubs was totally against the entire idea of bringing a computer along anyway. Because, we're going to Munich, Salzburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Münster…not a lot of space for a computer in there to write with.


But au contraire, my lovelies: there IS space.


Five minutes, here and there. 30 minutes before bed. 15 minutes while the hubs showers. There's ALWAYS time to write if you sit down and do it.


So I'll sneak my Gunther along. It's necessary, 'cause I think I'll likely go stark raving mad without the computer on the trip.


Holy cow. Only four days til she's here. Off to clean the toilet. Again.



Kerri said...

He's going to find out, they always do

Brit said...


Good luck. Enjoy your visit with your mother.

Heidi said...

This is so funny! My hubs informed me that we had to spend two days at my in-laws this weekend and I nearly had a panic attack thinking of going that long without the computer. Serious chest pains and shallow breathing and everything.

Then he told me they now have internet. Wireless, even. And since there is nothing else to do there, I may spend the entire weekend plugged in!

Of course, I'd rather be traveling around Germany...

Have a great weekend and I hope Remy is doing better.

The Husband said...

Yes, Kerri, he will find it out.

Usually, I don't like to destroy the illusion of this blog by bringing in the "real" (aka first) life into this world, but it seems necessary.

It is an illusion that Jen will use those "Five minutes, here and there. 30 minutes before bed. 15 minutes while the hubs showers" for anything but surfing, checking emails and twittering, using the hotel's wlan.

Darling, bring a notepad with you and feel free to write down any new ideas as they come along. Leave Günther and your dreams of productivity at home.


the husband

pseudosu said...

Too funny! God forbid Dan ever muster up the gumption to check my blog...

A few years ago we went on a fam trip to Hawaii and my bro-in-law brought his laptop and was always checking his cell etc. I was like-- what a loser.

Don't get me wrong, he IS, but I'd die w/o/ my laptop now too!