Thursday, 27 November 2008

What I am thinking about. Like, right now.

  • What makes a book a great book versus a just good book or even an okay book?
  • How does one know, I mean, really know what is imaginary and what is not?
  • Why am I dreaming of chocolate?
  • How tall, exactly, are zwerge?
  • Can I get the hubs to agree to a short day trip to the Harz Mountains - and going slogging through a wintry forest?
  • Will I go insane from having my mum around for two whole weeks?
  • Will you miss me while I'm on Tour Guide duty?


Heidi said...

Well, I'm not sure I can answer all of these, but I will definitely miss you when you are on tour guide duty, and I believe Remy will get better.

I don't know that, of course. But I believe.

The Husband said...

Nah, don't worry, you'll drag me to the Harz mountains eventually.

Even if this shows that this kind of "indirect" (i.e. via blog) manipulation is working.


The Husband

JKB said...

Heidi, aw, thanks. *hug*

Hubs - bwa ha ha. Mistress ob da manipulashunz, I iz

pseudosu said...

From my experience moms Are insanity inducing, so be careful...
Yes, you'll be missed!
Chocolate?-- what's weird about that?
Remy-- I bet he will.