Monday, 3 November 2008

When it rains it pours, man.

So Saturday night I'm walking back, through the cold and rainy night, towards my house. Hands shoved down in pockets, I'm thinking about P and her Gran's relationship with the Police Chief that plays prominently in Texas Fall, anticipating writing those first words in the document, when...




Jacob and his little story come in. He's nine, and having a rough time of it. He's German, and it's WWII, and his dad's just been shoved off to war. Hello, he says, lovingly provides me with the ENTIRE PLOT, the TITLE, and a weird little twist that raises the hair on my arms. He's very wonderful and my heart sings. 

Crap! Methinks, as I stumble a little from the brain onslaught I'm getting here. I was just thinking about P and her problem! I KNOW the next book I'm doing!  I can't deviate right now!

It's okay, he says, nodding his head, his black bangs flopping across his brown eyes as he looks at me, as long as you write me next. 

I don't know if I can, mate, I think as I run over to the curb under the orange light and sit down on the edge, smudging my jeans (and making sure my coat doesn't trail in the water - remember, it's raining). I will do what I can, I tell him as I whip out my notebook for *just* a time as this. (Ask my husband, I do this ALL the time, even on holiday. He's so wonderful he just lets me.)

Ist gut, he tells me as my pen scratches across the page. I look up once to get the right word to find two little Grandmothers staring at me in puzzlement. 

Is everything okay? They ask me, waddling over with their canes in hand. 

Oh, it's wonderful, I answer, holding up my pen like I was sizing them up to draw them. I'm a writer, you see, and I just had an idea. 

I can imagine what I look like, hunched over and scribbling with my tongue hanging out, but they nod, smile, go on their way. They look at me over their shoulder as I finish my last sentence and get up, straightening my jeans over my fancy cowboy boots. 

I live for moments like this...for kids like Jacob that light the way.

The title? 

The Forester's Son.

Loves it. 


Heidi the Hick said...

Me loves it too.

I am so, so grateful when it comes so easily like that!

Brit said...


I love it - congrats to you!

Heidi said...

Maybe you can use him to threaten P into submission! :)

Seriously, I could use a little inspiration like that myself right now! This time's going to take a little more work.

Or..... I'll put tons of work into something and start it, and then a character will come along!

In any case, congrats on filling that little notebook with more great stories. This is just the beginning of a long ride for you!

JKB said...

HeidiTH, you had it happen with Nikki. I'm actually really looking forward to reading the first chapter of that, so get going! :)

Brit, THX *HUGZ*

HeidiW, they hit (at least I think so) at the weirdest times...and mostly when I'm just relaxed and enjoying my surroundings...away from other people. I don't think I've ever had an idea when I've been in the company of another person.

Some could deem this makes me an introvert.

The Husband said...

Just a little note from the continuity department: it will most likely be "Jakob" with a "k"...

The Germans, the forest and WW2 - thats some cliches to avoid, but whatever. Surley it will be fun to research as their is tons of material and we even have a Grandpa at hand that was a youth during the time.

I will be happy to help translating...

JKB said...


You commented!

BTW, you're right with the K,,,and right that you'll have translation duty if necessary. A couple afternoons of cake and weak coffee and I'll have what I need. :)