Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Writing VOICE in Fiction. Or, my take on it.

In my search for voice in third person, I'm finding there is far more to the entire thing (as normal) than I thought. I'd been pretty deeply worried about my voice in third person…as in, I didn't think I had it.


But. Then I read a great article about getting your voice down, and there were some bullet points that struck me as relevant to voice, although I never really thought about it before. In it, she says to read some of the past things you've written and try and answer the below questions generally.


  • What shows up in them consistently? Who are you usually writing about? Adventureres? Homemakers? Dreamers? Doers? Small town life? A paticular business? (i.e. legal, art, teaching, etc.) If you write for children, what ages are your characters?
  • What have you included in your stories? Humor? Suspense? Social aspects? Emotional issues?
  • Do you usually write in first or third person?
  • What is your natural choice for your protagonist's gender?

These patterns will show up over time, so the more you write, the more you'll discover about your natural voice. And the more you write, the more that voice develops.


So, to paraphrase this writer, it's more the feeling and style, as well as the background of your book that makes the voice.


I can agree with this. I can agree with this, a lot.


As I write this, I'm thinking about PS and TF (The I,Farmgirl series) as well as FS, my present insanity. (THIS POST explains that last bit). PS and TF are strictly 1st person. FS is third person objective, right now. The story, in this case, is telling it's story, and plainly it feels that Jakob's situation is where it needs to be. But like I said, it's spooky, and it's not ever something I've ever written before and that freaks me out.


In a good way.


So, what do you write in, mostly? And what do you feel voice is?



Heidi the Hick said...

Let if freak you out, and keep going!

pseudosu said...

The fact that it freaks you out os probably a good sign you're onto something big.
I tend to write 3rd person that kind of swoops in and out of objectivity and omniscience.

I think you can break the "rulz" as long it it works for your story/voice.