Saturday, 20 December 2008

Battlestar Galactica Goodness for a Saturday!

Oh my friends, my friends. 

As you know, I like BSG. And the last episodes start January 16. 

They're doing some webisodes too, here are the first three so far. 

Webisode 1 : GAETA!! HOLY CRAP!!

Webisode 2 : Uh oh

Webisode 3 : We shall save you!


You can also get CLUES at the most amazing website: You Will Know The Truth.

Guys seriously, if you aren't watching this show, you are so - SO - missing out. 


Brit said...

I've heard from a boardie friend of mine that this show rocks. I keep saying I'll check it out.

*Sigh* I just haven't done that yet.

Brit said...

Oh - and this blog, along with your Kool Katz - were nominated for an I Heart Your Blog Award.

JKB said...

Oh my goodness, Brit, I feel SO loved.

Yoda, of course, is convinced that it is his charm that won the award. But Blue and I know better.

You really, really should watch this show. has the entire dvd set out right now on sale. *hint hint*