Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 1 - Off we go!

Today we'll be heading down the Autobahn to Muenchen, or Munich as the English-speaking folks say. (Fun fact - Muenchen is from the old German word Moench, which means Monk)

We'll have about half a day to check it, and will go to the Hofbraeuhaus am Platzl, which no sane German ever goes to (on account of the Japanese tourists!!) 

But it is pretty - 
The hubs will probably have a 
Or a

a wheat beer with lots of hops. (Disclaimer: I am not a beer person...but I do like Weizenbier (wheat beer) because it is pretty.

Have you ever been to Munich? It's a relatively long drive from Dortmund to there, but we'll be staying at a fancy hotel and I reckon they'll have a nice big tub.

And, of course, since we're renting a big old fat BMW or Mercedes or Audi and I get to drive, it will be fun for everyone involved. (I am a good autobahn driver - I recognize no speed limits!)

Onward we go dear Neuschwanstein....


Heidi the Hick said...

German beer!!!

German cars!!!

no speed limits

I should have sneaked into your suitcase

Heidi said...

We Heidi's think alike!

I'd be insanely jealous if I were that kind of person.

Oh heck, I'm still insanely jealous! It sounds like a fantabulous time!

Kerri said...

Jen and I both have extra apartments so whenever you wanna come over for a visit....

Jen, have a great time. You deserve it.