Saturday, 6 December 2008

Day 2 ... Neuschwanstein

Next up? 

AHHHH - Neuschwanstein Schloss (So, literally, New Swan Stone Castle. I also heard it called The Castle of the Swan Knight which is just awsum)

We aren't taking the carriage up the hill to the castle (although I'd even do it, I'm a sucker for tourist crap sometimes), but we do get to go for the 30 minute long tour inside. MMM

Of course you all know that this castle inspired the Disney castle, but I think this one is even cooler. A 19th century castle, it was designed by a theatre director for "Mad" King Ludwig the II of Bavaria, who was later declared insane and mysteriously drowned in a lake nearby...some say because of the expenditures of this castle on Bavaria's moolah.

But seriously? Give me this or a war and I'll take the castle any day. 


AutumnZ said...

Just a little over a week ago, Chris was on his way to that very castle when the car broke down. I understand getting a towtruck in Germany isn't as simple as calling AAA or your local insurance agent.

Question: Do you write your books in German or English?

Heidi said...

Gorgeous! This is on our itinerary for 2010. I've been there before, but I was so young I don't really remember it. And since I lived there, castles didn't seem like that big a thing.

Now, my kids will go nuts! Once you live in the States, anything older than 20 years seems old. And really grand!