Monday, 8 December 2008

Day 4 ... Leipzig!

And then we go up, up, up the autobahn to Leipzig!

Those of you 'in the know' know that the hubs works here during the week. And there isn't a place that is as old and pretty as Leipzig. (I think) And it's super old, too - first documented in - are you ready for this?? - 1015. Jeez.

Take, for instance, the Old Town Hall: 

Leipzig is a very cultural city, and I love it. Hav I said to you that I love it? 

In particular, the music is very crazy here. Bach (as in Johann Sebastian) is buried in St Thomaskirche:

And even Mendelssohn, Schumann and R. Wagner were either born here or worked here. I mean, we're talking about some mu-zak. 

Of course, not all of it is sweetness and light. I'm taking the 'rents to the Stasi museum (which if you have not, I would recommend "The Lives of Others" for you to see, if you're interested in East German spy techniques. Just full of the crazy.)

And, of course, their beautiful main Train station (called Hauptbahnhof, see, you are learning German too today!) and all. There's too much to see in such a little city... 

We'll bypass the university but know that it began in 1409 and is one of the oldest in Europe, and the fact that we'll be eating at Auerbach's Keller, where the young Goethe was (can't you imagine him writing 'Goethe wuz here' or something like that?) and he indeed placed a scene in Auerbach's Keller in his famous work Faust. 

We'll stay here a couple days...

Quite nifty. 

I loves me some Leipzig.

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