Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Well, here we are. 

The ending of another year. 

Sometimes all this year stuff gets to me. I tend to think quite at bit at the end of the year about what I want out of the next one, and last year I was so psyched. Made a list of goals and everything. 

Some I finished, and it was great (the first book after a long time of no writing). Many bad things happened this year, and it really made me think about gratitude. 

I will say I am grateful for many things this year, even if, in my humble opinion, this year b-i-t. I'm grateful for:

1. Writing. 
I got writing again, and just didn't let anything hold me back. I finished two books, got great feedback and learned so much. I'm 1/3 into the next book, an MG horror, and find myself just stoked to be here. 

2. My Blog and Twitter
Who would have thought last year (at about this time, actually) that I would be loving my blog (or this crazy thing called Twitter) so much? I've found online writing friends, managed to get my name out there, and just generally enjoy having a place where I can talk about writing to myself. Heh. 

3. Seriously? The Internet
It is a fascinating thing, and I love it. I am especially happy to have access to it via Gunther, and Hughie, and love all the things it's brought me. I am an internet addict, it's true.

4. My Critique Group
Don't let them tell you critique groups are crap. I'm in a fabulous one, consisting of online writers I met through their blogs, and I always get thoughtful response...even if it's not what I want to hear. Which makes it very important to me. 

5. My cats
I didn't realize how important they were until my little shadow, the Black Cat, had a heart attack on our couch. I then got it: when I struggled through the following days, just blank and heartbroken, when I discovered what was wrong (both our boys have genetic HCM, or cardiomyopathy) and as we used medicine to get them back to how they are now...happy, as healthy as they can be, and most of all, HERE.

6. Medicine. 
I know, right? What a thing to be grateful for. But it's true: from saving my cats to helping my body function right, medicine has played a big role this year. I'm hoping that the medicine I'm taking now will make me lucky, but you never know. But certainly it helps. 

7. Friends
Both online and in real life, who ever knew that they were so nice to have? I've not ever been a joiner, and what friends I've had were few and far between. (It's my fault, I admit it. My childhood wasn't one for learning how the bonds of friendship or love were created). But I've figured out why in general they are so important: sounding board. Support. Laughter. It's made a big difference this year, and I'm really really happy about it. 

Which leads me to...

8. The agent process.
It's a pain, don't get me wrong. A big whirlwind of emotions, make no mistake. But I learned I could live through it. Successfully. And I learned that my writing meant enough to me that I could go through it holding my head up. So for that, I'm grateful. I am a fighter. It's nice to know that. 

9 and 10 and 11 and so on. The hubs
Sorry this is sappy, folks, but he's behind me all the way but kicks my *ss on a regular basis. I can count on the unvarnished truth, but he gives me everything I need, even if I don't know that I need it. I just lubs and lubs him. 

So that's it for me. What are you grateful for? 


Kerri said...

Gratitude, my new favorite word.

I'm grateful for:
Family and friends, writing and technology, German forests and Medieval cities, Four Corners and you!!!

Heidi said...

Kerri said it well. Add to that sometimes, just being alive, and safe, and my family safe as well. Sometimes I think hard things happen to remind us what really matters. And sometimes what really matters is just the basics.

I'm hoping great things in the new year for you too. Some great big things, and maybe one little teeny tiny thing as well. :)

Brit said...

You said it so well, all of you.

For me:

Writing - getting back at it this year after a long hiatus.

Prose 3 - I KNOW! Right? I wasn't there long, but signing up for that group in January is what led me to Erin and Heidi and eventually 4 Corners.

4 Corners - sometimes I wonder where I would be without this tight group we have. Who would have thought I would value the opinions and advice and care so deeply for people who live across the country or the Atlantic!

Family - my family. I love them. They are a great support.

Health - my family is healthy and safe. In a world that is as bizarre and senseless - I am eternally grateful for the safety of my family and that they are here.

Courage - without mustering up my own courage, I'd be no where. I've branched out - I've put myself out there and now reap the rewards. Thanks!

pseudosu said...

Awe, sweetness about the hubs. I so relate. I love taking stock like this and do have much to be grateful for myself.

As someone just beginning to find other writers to network with I'm a little envious of your group, but great for you guys! You're so right-- the nets, twitter, yay! What the heck did I do before?