Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Just the facts, ma'am

So am I a geek or what? Probably not a geek. At least, with this news I am not a geek.
Do you do playlists? I've seen lots of entries lately, what with people making *entire* playlists and CDs and stuff for their MS. 
Me, I don't even listen to music when I'm writing. 

I feel like a freak. (Mooooom, all the other kids are doing it!)
And do you get pictures of your characters and look at them? 
Me, I don't do that either. 
And it makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me. I just sit my rear on the chair, put my hands on the keyboard and write. I do it in short sittings, no more than an hour, and usually crank out a chapter a day. The next time I start writing I read a few paragraphs of what I've done and then go on. It seems as though my ideas are plucked out of the air; very rarely has a picture inspired a book. Nature, yes. Paper, no.
No music, no pictures, no sparkly things. 
What is wrong with me? 


Kerri said...

What's wrong with you? How much time do you have?

I think it just depends on how you write best. I come up with great ideas using the old-fashioned method--pen and paper. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I'm so into writing I don't realize when a playlist has played itself out. You write linear, I'm scattered. So long as we like what we write, I don't think the method matters.

Brit said...

Kerri is write - what works best for you is what works best for you. (I know, I'm so deep. ;)

Me, most of the time I write linear. Just now am I branching out and jumping ahead.

I never listen to music. I never gaze at photographs. Everything is in my head. Aside from jotting notes when I can't get to a computer or a full page of paper to write a scene out or researching a medical term or criminal term - I just sit, type, and go forward.

I've never even thought about forming playlists specifically for writing.

Heidi said...

I don't think you are wrong at all!

I used to listen to music because that was the only way to tune out the rest of the house when I wrote and to concentrate. Now that everyone is out of the house... I don't listen to it at all. It used to set a mood, and now I'd rather be in the mood the story is in. It's too distracting. Sooooo... situations change!

Also, I have no pics. I have fuzzy ideas of what characters look like that are in no way inspired by anyone I know or have seen. I don't think I'd be very good picking out actors for a movie either, because I just think, "No, that's not what she looks like in my head..." And some character, I have only vague characteristics: brown hair, green eyes, athletic build... but don't really have a face in my head.

I still think there is no normal in writing! Every writer is different, and it doesn't matter how you get to the end, just that you do.

(Okay, totally seriously, my word verification is BEASHIP - as in be a ship. Do you think it's a sign I should keep Darcy???)

The Husband said...

Though not a fiction author, I will happily comment:

Nothing is wrong with you, you are just lucky that things subconsciously form into a single stream. Me? I need conscious mental effort to do so, either because I have a picture (in my world mostly diagrams of some sort) and then can easily "describe" what I see, or by writing out my very first draft on paper. Such a draft contains a lot of new beginnings and ruled-out sentences and almost never is completely finished, but I need it to sort out my thoughts. Once I have sthat I can simply sit down and write like you, often without looking much at my draft.

Just be lucky that you can "skip" (at least in terms of conscious effort) what others need to work out before they can write. Makes you that much more productive.

The Husband

pseudosu said...

I'll add my two cents to the "whatever works" pile. As a visual artist things i see do inspire me and sometimes that's pictures, but usually I find pics of someone who is already in my head or in my story. I can't listen to music while i write, but do use music. I listen to stuff my characters would like, set the mood etc.

JKB said...

Well then, whew. I am happy to be in such august company.

You all are teh awsum!

zmq said...

the idea that something was wrong with you because you do it differently than _some other people_ is so ODD.