Thursday, 11 December 2008

Missing me yet?

Probably by this time I am gnashing my teeth. 

You realize I'll be travelling through some of the nicest cafe towns you've got over here? And I won't be allowed to have One. Stinking. Hour to myself to write. 

I can't guarantee my temper on this day, probably. It won't be pretty.


pseudosu said...

Light at the end of the scenic tunnel girl.

I have no desire to ever go to europe (which is lucky since i could never afford it) but if i ever come into a windfall, and they figure out a way to beam people places ala start trek--- cycling around the netherlands / amsterdam would be on my list.

and yes-- we do miss you!

Heidi said...

So funny! I would be thinking the same thing.... in fact, it reminds me of my trip to Florida (only you have better cafes and more awe-inspiring architecture, and wine, and less sand and ocean, but other than that, EXACTLY alike!!).

We do miss you. But I hope you are having fun!