Friday, 19 December 2008

OH - Hai.

Iz Yooda-kat. Shez riting, and IZ got de komputrrr 2dae.

Interntz, ze Bloo-kat sed derza gie kald Zanta Klaaz, he giivz prezentz 2 gud katz.

Her he iz:;

Her iz me:

Iza gud kat.

Diz wat I wantz:


Pl=z 2 send raiit awae2w.-



The Cat Father said...

Dear Yoda,

it's so great that you have finally discovered blogging for yourself. I, myself, joined the self-publish phenomenon only weeks before, and I tell you it's great.

It is amazing that you would listen to the blue cat all the sudden, so I take it as a sign of desparation. Personally, I don't think that you will receive anything,as your are already spoiled rotten by your mother. Also, what the photo does not show is that moving throught he house on your own feet might help you to stay in shape.

As always, you'll get first class affection from your family (fuzzy and cheap).

The Cat Father

Yooda-kat said...

Lieez. Allz Lieez.

U liekz der Bloo-kat betur anywayz

Heidi the Hick said...

Yoda kat,

Waer I cm frum, iz cald ZAMBONI and dryvz on ICE!