Thursday, 18 December 2008



Seems like I'm waiting for everything in my life right now. waiting WAITING WAITING.

I am SICK of waiting. 

(Yes, I am venting).

I am SICK of being patient. 

But I'll do it anyways. Because I got to. And things are better off in the end if you do it that way. 

I know it. 

So what am I doing instead? 

- Preparing a Saturday surprise for my honey.
- Reaching 18k with Forester's Son (YAY!)
- Making myself a very yummy bacon sandwich (TOTAL comfort food)

And tonight I'll watch a movie. 

So there.

*sticks tongue out at impatient self*



pseudosu said...

I FEEL you. I drive myself crazy at times waiting for query replies. I try to think of it as whatever it is I'm after already being attached to me by invisible threads. All I have to do is keep pulling in line, ie: doing the work.
That and occasionally wigging out.

Heidi said...

Where ARE those notes??? didn't Emma say they were on the way???

I still have three agents with my manuscript and I want to scream, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT ANYWAY? IT"S NOT IN CODE OR ANYTHING!!!

But, since everything is not great in the publishing world, I'm thinking it might not be bad to let them hold on to it for a while instead of rejecting right away.

That's what I told Janet Reid. Read when the economy is looking better. Or when you are loopy on egg nog. Whichever gives me better odds. :)

Go watch the movie. When you least expect it, it will all come.

JKB said...

No, Heidi, it's not Emma. It's everything else I'm waiting for that is not courteous enough to send me a mail and let me know they are on the way.

She is the one person that keeps me up to date. :) But really, it feels like my entire ilfe is a waiting game right now and I doN't know what to do other than be positive and just ... wait.


Pseu - I feel like wigging out. Maybe I'll do that today.