Monday, 15 December 2008


Okay you guys: 

For a lovely Dresdener Stollen (something I guarantee you'll like, even if you don't like fruit or sweets or for some ungodsly reason you are Puritan in your views and do not approve of orgasm through cake) ... here is the question: 


(No, that wasn't it)


Who was crazy King Ludwig the Second of Bavaria found dead beside in the lake?

First one who answers right -- it's coming your way!!!

ETA: Heidi is tooooo fast for the normal human. She gets one, and I'm going to throw another two questions out there: 

-- In which places was "The Sound of Music" filmed (that we visited on our trip)?
-- What is my favorite type of donut from Dunkin Donuts? 

If you get it right, you've got Stollen, baby!



Heidi said...

his physician? Is it fair that I looked it up on google? Cause I had no idea!!

I'm glad it sounds like you had a good time traveling... and a good time coming home! And most importantly, good food!

JKB said...

Ack! Okay, you got one of two.

But I will try a new one. You are TOO FAST! LOL

Kerri said...

I know the answers but I don't like Stollen :O)

JKB said...

Well, you could pick something else - BUT seeing as you're already here, German goodies might not be what you're craving.

Brit said...

Sound of Music was filmed in:


I'm not sure about Dunkin' Donuts - but I'lls ay chocolate glaze because heck - I do know you like chocolate. ;)

Heidi said...

LOL! I happened to be on blogger dashboard when it refreshed and your post showed up right after you posted it!

As Kerri knows from blogging, I'm a bit competitive that way. :) It's not even about the prize - I'm ashamed to say I have no idea what Stollen is!