Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Singing and dancing

So today I got the lovely prop I will need for part of FS...a set of runes. 

Book is coming along great, I'm up to 13k of words and just sat down and worked out the next few scenes. It's getting complicated, and I'm finding I'm having to write down a little after I finish the writing for the day...to keep the track rolling. 

I know I've said before, but on certain books (all except TF, actually) I've had a movie that goes on in my head, and it's on one of those old 'reel' tapes. So even if I have to stop to get out of the train, the bloddy thing keeps going. 

So to circumvent this, I have a handy piece of paper nearby and make notes until the thing rattles to a stop in my head. 

Whadda freak, but it's fun!


Heidi said...

Sometimes it's so frustrating that my fingers can't keep up with my brain. Sometimes I have to jump ahead and write a chapter out of order just to not lose it, then go back and connect the dots later.

It's good, though. I love those stories that have a mind of their own!

pseudosu said...

Yes, no matter how I plot and plan, they always wind up going feral.
The process is sure interesting though!

Brit said...

I love the rogue scenes that pop up. I have one now and I'm thinking of doing what Heidi mentioned- writing it out of order and connecting the dots.

Heidi the Hick said...

Ha! I'm connecting the dots these days!!!

Goin' feral... yeah things could get really outta control here. I actually kind of hope that's how it goes.