Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Starting again today.

SOOOOOO...tell me, how you been? Good? Everything coming together for the food and whatsit at the end of the month? 

I have sent the parents back to their Middle Ages and am happily free of care once more. Well, almost free of care. I am presently obsessing about the following things:

- Dood, Turkey Cooking Bags? Seriously? I went to the American store specially for them and now must research - exactly the most perfect stuffing evar for a tookey. Any ideas there?
- Starting where I left off on FS. Over the holiday I had so many ideas and such a shocking inside look at Jakob that I am almost afraid to start writing again. So I'm reading over what I've got this morning and starting this evening again.
- Knights. I just bought a kid I know three awesome knights (with horses! Their very own lances!) for Yule and wonder, how is it that there are so many cool toys nowadays? Man, I was stuck with My Little Pony.

Hope you all had fun while I was away!


Brit said...

I can't wait to hear about the editor's letter! Good luck!

pseudosu said...

Me too! How exciting! I'm dying to one day receive one. Share it if you can bear it. (how is it no one has recognized by genius yet and pooblished me?)
As for stuffing, and cooking in general, really-- I've found setting the bar very low initially works to your advantage. Go w/ Stove Top Stuffing. :)

JKB said...

Brit - thanks! Me too!

Pseu - I'm telling you...Stove Top stuffing. ROFL.

Heidi said...

Exciting stuff! I also can't wait to hear about the notes. I'm living vicariously through you for now! :)

Stuffing.... I do half cubed cornbread (homemade) and half bread cubes (dried, from store, italian seasoned if I can find em) and chop some celery in it and throw in a bunch of parsley. Right before I stuff, I pour chicken broth over it. MMMMMM. I love it! BUT - it's too dry for my husband, who likes his very sticky and gloopy. You can find tons of recipes online though. Mine is just easy, fast, and you can make it the night before (except for the broth, of course).

I agree with Sue too, though. Setting the bar low always is good!