Monday, 1 December 2008

Updates all around...

Well, the parents got here, good and safe. It's really amusing to have them here. Everything is so normal to me now I had forgotten how unique and fantastic it actually is, so I'm enjoying being reminded through them. We leave on Friday, which gives me time to get up my posts planned (I think I'll give you a virtual tour of where we're going). 

Rems seems to be taking small steps to normalcy. When we were at the orthopedist specialist, he said that the closest thing he could suspect was an infection in his nervous system somewhere (uh, ouch?) So he gets better in small steps every day, and we just wait and watch. I personally would like to take him to an acupuncturist, and will do it to see what they say next week. (One time, to begin!) I think it's best to check all options, and I know too many people who have crowed of the acupuncture benefits for their dogs to discount it. 

I'm up to 13 K words on the Forester's son, and I have to's harder than ever I expected. Not hard to write it, really, a way...hard for the story to come out. It's miserly and even I don't know what's going to happen until almost right before it does. But that being said, it's a fantastic thing and I really like it.

How's your writing going?


Benjamin Stürmer said...

My writing is hard! Since I'm writing non-fiction, I can't just let the story occur to me (not to imply in any way that the creative act of fiction isn't a lot of work), so I keep having to dive back into books I thought I was long since done with and go searching for some random tidbit that didn't seem important enough to mark it down...

Heidi the Hick said...

It's going... miserly?

I'm not worried, I do feel like it's all just percolating and brewing and it'll start to flow again soon. I do have about 30,000 words stocked up already, and lots of notes, so it's well started. Just waiting now to find my way through the real story. It's there.

Who's taking care of petz while you're out tripping around?

pseudosu said...

Miserly is a great word!

I'm a little over 50k in with a few chapters to go. Then I'll have the scaffolding at least and can go back in and flesh it out to around 70 to 80k.
I'm going to let it sit while i do the first draft of #3, then revise, start querying it (if I still don't have an agent), then revise #3, start a fourth, etc, etc.

Still hoping #1 gets picked up and I can just write and forget about querying.

Brit said...

I have a non-fiction book I want to write and I've tried, but the amounts of research have scared me away. LOL

My writing is going well. I finished my Word-A-Thon - I have just over 42,000 words. It won't be long before I have the skeleton complete. I have a lot to go back and edit and write in since things changed as I wrote it, but things are going very well right now.

Heidi said...

I'm so glad Remy is doing better.

And how fun to see Germany through fresh eyes! I hope your week is fabulous and you have a fantastic time touring the country!

How awesome that you've done so much writing on that secondary book! You are amazing! It's funny how some books are so hard in their own way, and surprising. It's like they resist being known until they are good and ready.

I'm not as far as everyone else. Just starting, really, although new ideas keep popping in my mind, so I am trying to remain focused. I'm biding my time a bit until the new year, or hearing from the agents who have my manuscript. Whichever comes first!

JKB said...

Benni, you are killing yourself with what you are writing. Although I have to say I do likereading your blog, for all the interesting things you find. I'd like more food pictures, please. :)

Heidi TH, the parents are watching over the Black cat, the Blue cat, as well as da Remmers during this time. (And the other dog but we don't likes him, do we, precious)

Pseu - LOL! You know what? You'll get that agent and then you'll freak out because it has to be good enough for them. The pressure does not go away!

Brit 0 I'll be doing that new wordathon with you, so there! Go you!

HeidiW, thanks for asking about my Rems. It seems he is really slowly getting better, to the point I think the acupunturist is just paying extra. I still want todo it tho. And I'm looking forward to reading soemthing of yours, so get on it! :)