Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Do you have an opinion? If ja, can I have it?

So I have a problem. 

Last week I realized my plot was off. Wayyy off. I knew what I set out to do was not being accomplished in this book, and so I decided to change it. I lay in my bed and worked out the plot how it *should* be going, and realized almost from the first chapter the changes I'll have to make. 

I spent a second to mourn the 25k I've got, but bucked up. I'll be able to use lots of it further on in the book, so okay. 

HOWEVER: The dilemma. And I'd like your opinion on this. 

So you know you have to begin almost completely over. 

Do you start over and work right from the beginning? 

Or do you start where you're at, and do the rewrites for the front later?

I'm leaning towards the second option, mainly because I need to see the threads to work it in later. But I'm really not sure. 

What would you do? 


pseudosu said...

If it were me I'd go for option 2. You'll keep your momentum that way and are probably more psyched to keep the story moving in this direction you've now settled on. Just make some good notes for the beginning so you remember what you want to change.
Good luck! Been there!

Brit said...

I agree - Option 2. I have had to do the whole rewrite thing a couple times in my book. The bulk is there and you can change a scene using what is there. I've done it - keep that momentum going, and go on with it!

Heidi said...

This is a tough one. Normally I'd say keep going and rewrite later, but it really depends on how much you have to rewrite and drastic those rewrites will be.

When I wrote my first book, in the middle the direction completely changed and I kept going, making notes of what to rewrite. But the rewrite was really, really hard because I wasn't sure if I was missing things, keeping the continuity of it, and in the end, it really needed to be completely rewritten anyway.

So, as usual, I have no advice. Just look at what you have, and what you need to rewrite, and decided it it's easier and better to do it now, than have to go back later and make the entire book flow.

callalily said...

I would redo my outline (if you don't outline, I'd try it for this) to make it match what you've written chapter by chapter. Then I'd rewrite from the beginning with that detailed outline at my elbow. This way, when you see a point where the old stuff can blend with the new stuff, it's right there for you to insert. This is what I'm doing for the fantasy rework. Espresso and/or margaritas NOT optional! good luck. :)

Dan said...

First, I would curl up into a fetal ball and cry very large man-tears. But, then I'd just soldier on and write from where I am.

I've only done it with short stories, but it usually works. I'm sure it will work just as well for a novel (after the man-tears, of course).

JKB said...

Pseu and Brit - I gave it a lot of thought, and didn't know what, exactly, to do. I kept discovering that every time I tried to go on this way, my brain short circuited.

Heidi, that's exactly what I'm most afraid of. I have no contract for FS, so why not start over slow and sweet and go from there, is my thinking.

And Callalilly, I DO need straight-up tequila. This is a long process. :)

Dan, I didn;t cry man-tears (nor curlup in a fetal position) but I sure was depressed for a couple days. :(

But you guys are great. I think I might be getting a good handle on it.

Leon Basin said...

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