Thursday, 1 January 2009

Goalz...I gotz dem

Well, since everybody else is listing their goals, I guess I'll do it too. 

I didn't have so many really, but after a nice long bath I thought up some. 

- edit and perfect Possum Summer. I mean PERFECT. 
- sell Possum Summer
- try not to die OR get to the end of 2009
- finish/edit Forester's Son (sell?)
- finish/edit Texas Fall
- get a website up (I've at least reserved the name, yay)
- get fit
- get things all settled with personal life. 

I know that's quite a bit but I've got 12 months, man. Go me. 

What are yours?


Heidi said...

Well, you aren't just a little ambitious, are you??

Very cool goals. I'm still thinking about mine. Remember that some, like selling your book, aren't completely in your control.

I especially like the one about making it to the end of 2009. I recently wrote a very close friend (in a moment of depression and confusion), "don't die on me." I meant it well, but had to laugh when he wrote back, "I don't intend on kicking the bucket any time soon." Like any of us do!

So go you. I hope all of these happen for you. Most of all, the making it alive to the end of the year. :)

Alex Moore said...

I already posted mine on the blog. Come see :)

The Internet has proved a powerful source of energy and comfort as I've found on-line writing buddies & friends. Very cool. Very helpful. Very addictive (oh. that's just Twitter, nevermind!)

AutumnZ said...

I love the idea of 12 months to accomplish everything. I'm spazzing because it's January 3 and I'm not exactly where I want to be with my personal goals. Your way is better.