Wednesday, 28 January 2009

How did you handle imagination... a kid? 

I'm coming to you. Did you daydream? Draw? Write? Read? Did you try to stay away from it? 

I did many of the above. I was a problem in school because of my daydreaming tendencies, and no homework was turned in bare on the sides - I doodled and drew over everything. My school (back in the day, I am SO OLD) was way into corporal punishment and I got spanked like fury *all the time*. Horrible. 

And it didn't help a bit, either. 

So I'm looking for your opinions. How did you handle your imagination? 


Dan said...

I did it all...I wrote, I drew, I daydreamed. I would act out stories with my various action figures. I would build crazy stuff out of Legos.

JKB said...

Did you get in trouble by anybody? Was it condoned?

Heidi the Hick said...

I have always valued my imagination but it really has caused me problems. At school, anyways. My parents generally didn't give me a problem about it. AT least I was good at occupying myself.

I drew on everything flat (usually horses) and I built things out of cardboard, and I wrote stories. I got ambitious but didn't always finish my projects. I'm so sure I was an ADD kid on top of it.

I do remember often not knowing what was going on because I was mentally somewhere else.

But my brain world is just more fun, you know?

As for your question, I dont' think I really handled my imagination at all. It handled me!

I'll let you know if I ever get it under control. Actually, no. I don't want to control it because I love the stories in my head!

marsh to the fore said...

How did I handle my imagination? I daydreamed a lot. What was going on in my mind was a whole lot more interesting than what was going on around me.

I also invented stories. I wasn't into writing at that point, I just made them up. I made up a whole series of stories about a ghost family. What they were about I don't have a clue, but I do remember I enjoyed inventing them and I think my audience did too, my younger sister and my brother being the audience. Captive audience for sure.