Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Interrupting these scheduled posts... squee. 

Why squee, you ask? 

(Imagine a six foot tall goofy-looking chick dancing from toe to toe here)

I have a new id-eeeeeeeeeeea!
I have a new id-eeeeeeeeeeea!

I had to call the hubs to tell him (since I was driving) so he could email it to me. I couldn't pull over at the time. (I feel much much better too! YAY all around!) 

I love that moment. When it springs all to life and everything is sparkly and shiny and you are so excited you bounce, like Perry L. Crandall (seriously, if you haven't read Lottery, read it!) 

I was bouncing. 

Now I've got to get on FS, so I can finish it (won't be a problem as now it's going quite swimmingly), so I can start with Shad!

Yup, that's his name. Shadduck. And he is a riot. 

I have a new id-eeeeeeeeeeea!
I have a new id-eeeeeeeeeeea!



pseudosu said...

Great kiddo-- love it when that happens!

Heidi the Hick said...

AWesome! I love your enthusiasm!

Heidi said...

You have wayyyyyyy too many good ideas! care to share some of that enthusiasm??

(so so so glad you are feeling better!)

The Husband said...

just so glad that I remebered your email adress correctly...

marsh to the fore said...

My God your enthusiasm is catching! Now, where do I have to go to meet SQUEE? You gotta tell all your writer buddies, ya know! I mean, why does everybody else have to know and not me? Is it on Facebook?


JKB said...


Pseu - I gotcha back, you know it.

Heidi TH and W - I'll share. Why don't you come on over here and get some?

Hubs - nice threat, bucko.

Marsh - I just sent it to you. Tell me what you think!