Saturday, 17 January 2009

The next step of total iPod Touch domination...

...I know you all know I love me my iPod Touch. These last few days when I've been in quite a lot of pain (and sick before that) I relied on it to check my emails, twitter, facebook...

Well, the next step in Hughie the iPod Touch's total domination came over the weekend. I have now an app that syncs my blogs on him. ALL my blogs, all 175 of them. I can simply load and click. 

But wait. As the smarmy old guy on the hit gameshow says, there's more. 

I also got a diet tracking application. I'm watching myself a little more...I'm going on a pretty hefty three month "Let's get Jen in kickin' shape" fit binge, and want to make some better for me habits. I can track my food. Offline. Keep track of myself. 

And? AND? I have found this super cool application called Fring that lets me use my Skype messaging on Hughie. So, I can Skype on my little mechanical friend. 

Wait - I also have a budget tracker on there, my astrology daily, AND Tetris for my stress. (There is something about Tetris that calms my brain. I don't know why)

Are there lengths of awesomeness that we don't yet know about Hughie? Maybe. 

I swear it's a good thing that Scrivener refuses to write an application for iPod Touches. Because right now, the only thing I use poor, neglected Gunther the Macbook for is my writing. (Let's not let him feel badly, though. I write *a lot*) 

And I surf, Guntie! I surf on you, too! 

(Please do not get a virus and destroy me.)

See what submissions do to a girl? Mess them RIGHT UP.

(But I do luuurve me my Hughie.)

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Heidi the Hick said...

Ah... Tetris is a better drug than any other. Just about as addictive too!

I am afraid to get a cellphone/Touch/iPhone, especially since my other half has let his iPhone weld itself into his right hand. Damn thing really is handy though, I gotta say!