Thursday, 15 January 2009

Secrets to cope series.

Come on, admit it. You know you're going to be here at some point. You'll get your agent, do your revisions, and then, boy-howdy, it's subs time. 

Then you'll really realize what an obsessive compulsive eejit you are. :) 

So I'm going to start a new series here for Thursdays: Secrets to cope. It might also be useful for querying, too! You never know. 

Todays secret? 

Work on your next book. 

That way, you're not sitting and twiddling your thumbs, obsessively clicking the "get mail" button on your email account, you know? You're doing something to make your career move onward, and that is a good thing. It keeps the monsters at bay, man. Keeps the monsters at bay.


Kerri said...

Okay, here's mine. Something non-writing related. Did I just hear shrieks of horror? Well, my literary friends, I've learned how important it is to push all that verbage aside. Go hiking, work on a puzzle, watch a movie (and not Finding Forrester or the Hours). Just have fun!

pseudosu said...

Kerri has a real point! I'm in definite agreement, but also-- YEAH-- begin your next project. We needs ta have sumthin' in the pipeline at all times yo.
I once was so agent response obsessed I found myself actually staring at my empty inbox waiting to something to appear. Time for inbox rehab!

Heidi the Hick said...

Well I'm sure hoping I'll be at that point some day! Soon!

I'm all for this series. Not only do I get the vicarious thrill but I'll know what to expect when my book is there.

Cuz it's gotta happen, right?