Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sick. Sick. Siiiiiiiiiiiiick

Oh, bbs.

I am so sick. 

So sick I could die. 

I got the stomach flu or something that is intent on killing me. 

This throws a wrench in ALL MY PLANS dammit.

I am still going to have a big announcement on Friday tho! Stay tuned



Kerri said...

Feel better!

zmq said...

but it's got nuthin to do with an overheated office, has it ...? =)

get well soon!

pseudosu said...

Sorry for your shmoopiness bb.
Feel better.

Heidi said...

are you following orders?? I bet you're not watching Little Bear like my daughter advised. She watched it for four hours and she is much better today!

I hope you are felling top of the world soon. And hey - you never said which Friday!!