Monday, 26 January 2009

Squee squee squiddly-squee

I just want to make it official: 

my agent is made of pure, pure awesome. 

She is fantastic, full of knowledge and can answer an *admittedly* idiot question without making me feel a moron. Plus she is a hardworking, multi-tasking, freakishly lucky and funny and everything person. 

I'm just saying, if I had to fight off teh zombees, I know she'd have a whole other way of putting the smackdown on their dead behinds. 



Heidi said...

i totally think she should cut and paste this as a testimonial on her website bio! and on Publishers Marketplace.

So glad you are happy! A great agent is a godsend!

marsh to the fore said...

I finally made this popup come up on my blog so maybe--maybe you can now leave a comment!

Great comment on your agent. I think Heidi's right on!

Heidi the Hick said...

I want one of her!

(I'm so happy that you're getting along so welll! What a relief, eh?)

JKB said...

Heidi, lol. I don't know if she would, but I think she would be really happy to know that so many people I talked to had such great things to say about her. i'm here to tell you they weren't lying.

Marsh - Let me try with the commenting. I wil do it right next!

HTH - you'll have one. And YES it is a relief! Her communication skills are TOP.