Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Updates on The Forester's Son (FS)

FS is a thing. It is. I did manage to think of a one-liner to describe it:


It's Pan's Labyrinth meets WWII's deadly winter. With a boy. And some supernatural elements. And a twist that (If I may be so modest) knocks your socks off.


You might remember the story of Jakob. If not, here's a refresher 


What I didn't anticipate was how much of a difference there is between PS/TF and FS. Not just a difference of plot, and characters, and overall story, but. Feelings. Emotions. In fact, I've had problems at points bringing myself to write it, because it takes me to a different place. A darker, more twisted one.


It has a lot in it. Betrayal. Hope. Imagination. Courage. All the things that interest me but I tend to stay away from looking at too deeply. This MS is grabbing me by the back of the head and shoving my face in it. So it is at times painful.


I do believe I'm learning a lot, not just about how to write in third person appropriately, but other things. Like how the one word, the one word, must be PERFECT to portray the feeling I want to have. How pitiful I actually am at writing emotions. I am not good at this, and will always have to work on it more than others, I think. And how much writing, for me, is difficult to script.


I tried to do an outline and Jakob flat. Out. Refused. To work with me. So it's back to flying by the seat of my pants.


Fun times.




AutumnZ said...

I love your author website. It's enticing and I can't wait to read your books.

Brit said...

Good luck! Sounds like you are really making headway!

Heidi said...

Some books need outlines. Others need to develop over time. I don't think one is more right than the other. Let it flow!!

This sounds very exciting, and I think from what I've read already you are a master at conveying mood - and through it, emotions.

I'm a little jealous you've got so much going, but only in that "Jen's kicking my butt I should get a move on" kind of way! :)

pseudosu said...

Wow- my wip has the line "grabbed me by the back of my head and shove my face through the window, into that other world of sound". Strong image I guess.

I have the same issue with outlines. I start out working it quite hard, but the story/characters inevitably insist on changes, sometimes major ones, as I go along.

This is a random thought, but it sounds like you'd be awesome at writing a character who isn't very comfortable/in touch with their own emotions, like a troubled boy-- or some engineer type.

Heidi the Hick said...

Jen, you are better at writing emotions than you realize. and something else I love about your work: it's never quite just what it appears to be. I absolutely love that, maybe because I feel my own stuff ends up that way.

I'm cheering you on!