Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Fun times? Or insane times?

Well, guess what!

I'm doing a Non-fiction, too. A proposal, of course. Of a subject dear to my heart. Can you guess?

It involves animals. (And that is as far as I'm going) 

But I haven't done it before, and while I think I have enough information (and contacts, as well as a platform YAY) to get it done, a nonfiction proposal is a whole different beast. 

I've approached a friend that does NF to see if I can pick her brain and do an interview with her, maybe it'll help. But I've got to say, its very cool to be working on it, and a welcome addition to my insane life. 

You know, you can use it! Too much fiction writing? Take a break and switch to the proposal. Done with the proposal? Back to the fiction.

Wash, repeat.

Fun times. 


Kerri said...

Nice to see you taking it easy.

Heidi said...

if you look up multitasking in the dictionary, it's a picture of you! :)

JKB said...