Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Goals Tuesday

SO, here we are! Another Tuesday! My my, how they begin to smoosh together like that PBJ sandwich you kept in your backpack for far too long. 

I realized something last week. I had too much on my plate. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I even amaze myself at my intellect. So the short story is that the NF will be taken down a notch. I was making myself crazy. And for what? I'm making good inroads on it but it's not my first priority...which is FS. Panicking about that helps no one, least of all myself. 

Having made that decision, I'm feeling much more hunky dory. Add that to the plot breakthrough I had last Friday and I'm almost sane again. 


I made 4k of words, but read a 400 pg MS for a friend of mine, so I'm cool with that. This week I'll:

- get another 5k words in. 
- get that darn bio finished. Like, at some point but don't know when. 
- continue on the fit and healthy train!

I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing with yours? 


Emily Cross said...

Hi Jen,

Deadlines are always a good thing, and lists are too ;)

I thought i'd let you that i've set up a writers community for those who blog (cause sometimes interaction with others is so limited) - basically its a place to come, chat and vent about everything writing.

Heres the link: http://thewriterschronicle.forumotion.net/

Hope you drop in and have a look around. We only started a few weeks ago but we already have a good bunch in our ranks.



Patti said...

People including myself seem to work better with deadlines but it can also be too overwhelming, especially when things aren't flowing.

Heidi said...

baby steps, girl! baby steps!!

I like your goals, and that you are writing them down and offering them up for accountability. That takes guts!

I'm going well on the running thing (up to eight miles about four times a week now), and my BG has been really good and steady for two weeks now. the writing... well, I'm a bit hesitant to commit to that one. This week I should know. Hoping to break 5,000.

Heidi the Hick said...

sometimes it's good to back it off a little. I"m anticipating a bit of a bummer week. Isn't that the worst attitude ever??? But I can just feel it, so if I can get through this week with clean dishes and a contented family I'll consider myself okay.

One ride and another paragraph of the book would be excellent. I'm setting the goals low this week to make them manageable and at least keep myself in.

Can't give up totally.

Hang in there.

marsh to the fore said...

I like it that you've decided you need to slow down. How about you put that in your list of things to do? I know you. Without a reminder...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Hang in there. That's good to be the new Mantra.