Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Goals Tuesday

Well, goals I thought I got demz, but in fact dey haz me. 

It's been an insane week and it doesn't seem like it's getting any better. After my little breakdown of a couple weeks ago, and the increase in work at present at the day job, my creative juices are definitely kind of jelled rather than flowing. 

THEN of course yesterday was Karneval, which includes a) lotsa drinking (but you know I didn't do thaaat) an b) lots of normal dour German people drunk and dressed up in costumes. 

Oh yes, I have pictures. :) 

So I'm up to 21800. I know, it's not a lot. But I'm moving steadily onward. The NF comes along slowly, at the bottom of the heap, and I'm okay with that. Two buddies of mine and myself had yet another sterling idea so time will be spent for that. I lost six (!!!!!) pounds last week (weight FINALLY started to come off) and I'm actually feeling energetic, which is good 'cause it looks like my life is imploding. 

Fun times. 

Right now I don't even think I'm goin to do goals for next week as I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed. So suffice to say I'll do something good, something not so good and continue my workout. And go back to normal goal posts next week. 


pseudosu said...

Way to go on the fitness routine. I'm a huge believer in moving your bod. It's SO hard to lose weight once you're over 35. Great job!
(I'm all for moving whether weight loss is a goal or not btw-- endorphins = magic baby. Does wonders for your head.)

Heidi said...

it sounds like you have goals! Continue to workouts, plod ahead on the novel. Hey, that's a goal!!

In fact, it's pretty much all I've got these days too. I can't wait to get the DVD (it's coming... Amazon says it is!!) and I hope it helps. I am up to six and a half to eight miles runs a day and I can't tell a teensy bit difference in my body at all!! Grrrr!

But, like Sue said, it's good for me anyway. It makes me feel good, and then I don't feel like a slug when I sit to write.

Way to go on the weight thing! And right now I'd love to have 21000 words!!

Heidi the Hick said...

I don't move enough. I've been sleeping a lot this week, actually. But at least my man's been doing the dog walks, and he really needs it. Both of them actually. Vet said dog needs to lose weight, I says man needs to!

My new writing is coming along slowly too. I always say as long as it's crawling, it's better than sitting still.

Much like me...

Kerri said...

You're doing great. It may feel like little steps, but you're moving forward.

Patti said...

Instead of writing goals at the beginning of the day, write a list at the end day of things you've done. It might make you feel better. I know it works for me. Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm still trying to lose that last 15 baby pounds, (my daughter's 6) although I lost 5 last week, only because I was sick.

jessie said...

And losing weight is especially impressive because you have all those yummy donuts in your house.

JKB said...

Pseu, I never was really excited about it before...but a friend of mine said it helped her sub process to work out and it does. I'm here to say. Feels like the only thing in my whole life I have control of. :(

HeidiW, I can't WAIT until you get it and try it...I haev total faith in you and Tracy becoming bestest friends...:) XO

HeidiTH, I had to laugh at the thought of the porkers taking a walk together. But J doesn"t look big to me at all! He's just a big guy, is all...

Kerri, you have to listen to it all the time. I heart you.

I heartz you all...

Patti, you know thats actually a good idea. I think I might try that! I didnt know you were sick, it wasn't on your blog! Are you feeling better?

Jessie, ROFL!! Too true. I find myself thinking of any rejection I got in order to have a donut! BAD ME.


marsh to the fore said...

I'd make that list and cross it off at the end of each day. That's one of the most satisfying things you can do.

You're keeping away from those donuts--saving them--fantastic. If it was me those donuts would be gone!

Congratulations on the word count. I too am running a WORDATHON (sp?) only I call it a MARSHATHON--given my ability to rack up the numbers puts me in a different category. Kinda like the Hare and the Tortoise. I'm the Tortoise.

That may not be how you spell Tortoise. Sounds kinda like I have a Brooklyn accent. Anyway...