Saturday, 28 February 2009


Karneval Facts: 

The salute to others around you (esp. those with drink in hand): 
HELAU! (heh-laaoou)

The favorite drink of people at Karneval: 


Karneval is the Monday before Fat Tuesday and Ash's a day off (in the major Karneval areas of NRW and the city of Mainz) where there's Lots Of Drinking, parades and general revelry. I had it off so of course I went into the city to see what was going on. 

And look what I met at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train station):

Interestingly, many men dress up as women...most have about the success ratio of those above. But after a couple beers, they no longer care that their breasts are pointing towards China and the US, and that their pink hair is skewed on their head. 

I went to the downtown, *before* the parade I might add. And there were already enough people for me.

You can have every type of potato dish known to man (almost) here. I loves them. 

Lotsa games for the kiddies: 

By the time the parade came, it was too many people for me, so I had to pass. I just like the not-normal air of frivolity that invades around carnival time. It was a blast. 


pseudosu said...

Thanks! Cool pix! I was curious about this, looks like fun!

marsh to the fore said...

It's a blast seeing these pictures. We don't go to these type of things. I think it's the people thing, like you having to leave when there were too many people.

Halloween in San Francisco is absolutely wild. Jerry and I did it once and that was enough. I would love to do it again for the pictures.